I treat a comprehensive range of issues including (but not limited to):

• Depression and Sadness
• Anxiety and Stress
• Communication
• Relationship Conflicts
• Trust and Intimacy
• Grief and Loss
• Trauma
• Self-esteem


Sex Therapy

In addition to, and encompassing the above, I specialize in Sex Therapy – addressing the full range of related matters that individuals and couples may experience, including these and other difficulties and/or challenges:

• Lack of desire
• Arousal problems
• Communication among couples
• Difficulty achieving orgasm
• Sexuality and coming out issues
• Problems resulting from
  sexual trauma and abuse
• Sexual pain
• Vaginismus
• Erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction
• Sexual compulsions and addictions
• Sexual challenges exacerbated by
  age, illness, medications, trauma
  and other life events