What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy focuses on intimacy and sexual problems. Sex therapy consists of discussion in the therapist’s office and at times, prescribed exercises done by an individual or couple in the privacy of their home. Some people consult a sex therapist when there is a specific problem. Others may participate in sex therapy as a means of gaining support, education, information or counseling from a professional trained in human sexuality.

The goal of sex therapy is to maximize one’s potential for satisfaction, pleasure and happiness. Sex therapy is often a valuable resource for adults of any age, gender or sexual orientation.

Should I consider Psychotherapy?

There are many reasons one might consult a Psychotherapist. Often, patients are dealing with distressing experiences or challenges which they find helpful discussing in a safe and confidential setting. Some patients seek help in working through a longstanding psychological or behavioral aspect of themselves which they would like to change.

Additionally, others may seek therapy as part of a self-discovery or personal development process – seeking therapy as an opportunity to create or increase meaning in their lives.